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The DIY Window Door and Catio Cage


Treat your kitties like royalty!

So, your furry friends think they rule the world? Well, they do, and it’s your responsibility to treat them as such!

We have collected some essential tips to make your feline friends feel like the royalty they truly are inside. We are sure your kitties will love you fur-ever if you follow these tips.

“All cats like being the focus of attention.”

cat window door

So, let’s have a look:

Treat your kitty to a new bed

Cats probably spend more time asleep than awake, so providing them a new relaxing bed will certainly make them feel pampered. Treat your feline friends to something ultra-plush and with a bit of attention, you can make it extra snuggly.

Purchase some new toys

Get your kitties the toys of their dreams!

Nowadays, there are so many interesting options out there, including scratching posts, mouse toys, and many more that pamper your feline friends.

Do you just replace your cats’ toys every time they destroy or tire of an old one? Our next tip is for you to just rotate their toys!

Instead of spending money on purchasing new toys, put some of your cats’ old toys away and bring them back out in a month or so. Rubbing the toys with catnip revives their interest.

Upgrade their litter box

We all know how particular kitties can be when it comes to their litter box. Purchasing multiple litter boxes or even upgrading to a self-cleaning litter box is an outstanding way to impress your kitties. Always keep the litter box as far away from their food bowl as possible.

Build a custom-designed catio for your feline friends

Cat Catio? What is that?

A catio is typically a screened outdoor space that allows your furry friends to experience the amazing outdoors safely. With a myriad of options, the possibilities are also endless!

When it comes to treating your furry friends like royalty, a catio is one of the best solutions.

Give them a sunny view of the outside environment

Have you ever noticed that your feline friends can spend many hours resting in front of the window and looking out at the local wildlife?

Cat Cage

Obviously, it is natural! Having a pet door for a window to a safe catio is an outstanding way to keep your cats happy and entertained as well. In addition to this, you could even position a bird feeder nearby to attract some quality entertainment for your furry friends.

A good place to scratch

Scratching is a common behavior of cats that gives them a way to relax their muscles while also sharpening their claws. Place a scratching post in their outdoor catio for added entertainment and exercise.

Final words:

Contact The Cat Terrace to get more information regarding how to install a pet door to our version of an outdoor catio, The Cat Terrace Window Cage!

The kit and plans for our catio provide a 100% safe and reliable outdoor retreat. The plans that we provide are unique for our custom pet door system and the videos will assist your construction until completed. It’s a fun project that you and your furry friends will enjoy for years to come.

We can’t wait to work with you!