The Cat Terrace

Kit Parts & Tools Required

The kit supplied parts include a specially designed 2-piece plastic door frame, a clear flexible door, a lower door mounting bracket and screws as shown to the right. The kit’s USB flash drive includes 12 viewable/printable instruction pages with accompanying video demonstrations to build the Window Cage, and 3 instruction pages to construct the Window Door. The window door opening is 6-1/2" wide and 10-1/4" tall. It can accommodate all sizes of cats and even small dogs.

Supplied USB Flash Drive

Kit Diagram

Cat Terrace Window Sticker Picture​Place the supplied Window Sticker on the closed window in front of the Window Door to prevent your pet from crashing into an unexpected closed window. Substitute a flower or butterfly sticker to add to a more elegant environment.

Assembled Kit Parts, Front and Back Views​

Required Tools

​​Shown here are the needed or recommended tools that will make the job easier. They include:

  • Screw gun with quick change system
  • Wire cutters or tin snippers
  • Electric circular saw and jig saw​
  • ​Hammer, screwdrivers, basic tools
  • ​Heavy duty stapler

Required Tools