The Cat Terrace

The DIY Window Door and Catio Cage


The Window Cage

​Designed to give your indoor cat(s) a safe, independent, outdoor experience. Locate the cage outside of your cat's favorite window sill, now it can really enjoy the fresh air and feel closer to the outside natural world. Hang a birdfeeder on a nearby tree for added kitty entertainment.

​​Is the Window Cage right for you?

​Does your indoor cat long to go outside? Do you have to be careful that the cat doesn't slip past you to the outside when entering and exiting your home? Does your cat stare out the window for long periods of time, longing to go out into the fresh air? Do you enjoy home-improvement projects? If you answer yes to these questions then your cat would love the Cat Terrace Window Cage.


​​Construction Plans and Videos

​When constructing the Window Cage you will enjoy the 12 steps of easy-to-follow detailed pages (step 9 shown right) along with the accompanying videos that make construction easy.

​​Construction of the Window Cage requires about $100 for materials and 25-30 hours to complete. The finished cage should add about $500 value to your home. Show off your cage to friends and neighbors and take pride that you built it yourself!

Plans - step 9

​​A Safe Kitty is a Happy Kitty

Statistics show that the average lifespan of an outdoor cat is 5 years, while indoor cats can live 14 years and longer. If you truly care about your cat you will keep it indoors at all times. There are too many hazards outdoors; predators (see the fox on our deck), parasites, disease, catfights, cars... you get the idea. With the Cat Terrace Window Cage, you will have peace of mind knowing your cats are safe and enjoying a more fulfilling life.

Cat and Fox