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Interesting revelations about Catio

A Catio is a strolling place for your pet cat. It is not just a strolling area; it is an encaged strolling area. You must be wondering how a cage would allow a cat to stroll. It does when you get it constructed creatively.

Catios are usually fixed to doors or windows to allow your pet to move around freely while catching glimpses of nature surrounding it. Catio is a protective encasement that ensures that your pet is safe from predators.

By getting a Catio constructed, you can increase the lifespan of your pet. You must be thinking how. Research studies say that, on average, a cat lives for not more than eight years. But if you provide a safe life to your pet by giving it healthful food and keeping it safe from predators, your association with your pet might increase by a few more years. Isn’t that wonderful to know?

A beautiful way to describe a Catio is that it is a patio for your cat. A deck helps your cat to breathe in the fresh air and keeps it mentally alert. It ensures that your cat is safe 24/7.

There is no end to Catio’s ideas. They can be simple and chic to something that occupies the entire backyard—call it an Outdoor Cat Playpen!

DIY Catios

You might purchase a readymade Catio. The cost of it might run for some hundreds of dollars, the minimum being $500. But if you follow our DIY cat cage instructions, and you can get it done, spending just one-fifth of the stated amount.

If you are innately creative, you can create your Catio following your intuition. But if you need some expert advice, you might always consult DIY Catio enthusiasts from the Cat Terrace. We will help you customize our Catio from scratch.

DIY Catios need not be one-size-fits-all. You can consult with us about your specific requirements, and maybe we can help you even with some never-before-thought-of creative ideas.

The DIY Catio kits sold by The Cat Terrace are easy to build. You need only to follow the instructions. The Kit comes with a USB flash with printable instructions and videos that help you construct your dream Catio step-by-step.

Construction of Cat Window Cage will cost you around $100 for materials and $35 for the cat door kit. It should take approximately 25 to 30 hours to construct your DIY Catio.

Please choose from the best DIY Catio Plans available with us. When you consult with veterans for your DIY Catio plan, you will have saved both time and money. You need not be an expert carpenter to construct our Catio. However, some idea of how wood works is necessary.

In any case, you want to outsource your Catio Construction to us; we are more than willing to help you!