The Cat Terrace

The DIY Window Door and Catio Cage


The Great Idea of Having Pet Window Doors!

For you, your pet is your life. You want to see it happy, healthy, and roaming around all the time in a safe environment. But pets are vulnerable. Usually, a pet cat survives for a decade or less than that if it’s allowed to roam free outside. But if you give it all the care and love blended with security, it might survive for a much longer duration.  Then don’t you think you should do everything to keep your pet safe?

When outdoor cats are not monitored properly, they can become victims to climate, predators, and even running cars.  So, to ensure their safety, it is your responsibility to give them a secure and safe ambiance. Our Cat Terrace Window Cage will help give your cat outdoor experiences without feeling locked inside and bored all the time.

Our pet window door leading into our patented, wall-mounted cage will keep your pet safe from falling prey to predators. The supplied pet window door has a flap-like outlet that allows the pet to stroll outside any time when your window is open and the conditions are conducive. The pet window doors can be locked by simply closing the window. You could do this to stop the pet from going outside when the situation isn’t feasible, usually related to weather.  When you’re enjoying open windows throughout the year, so will your cat!  The kit also includes instructions on how to keep your window open year-round in almost any weather condition.

The Cat Terrace is a company that helps you build your cat window cage. The DIY kit can be bought from us for an affordable price and includes all the necessary instructions and videos that will help you when constructing your window cage.

The kit comes with a USB flash drive containing printable material and video tutorials that help you build the cat cage yourself.  You can also request ‘The cat terrace’ professionals to help you when constructing your beautiful cat enclosure, call or email us.

The cat cage is placed outside the window with a door that facilitates the cat’s movement into the cage. The window cat doors are a convenient way to let your cat enjoy the great outdoors when you are enjoying it too.

Even if you are living in a small apartment, your window cat doors can give your cat added freedom and enjoyment.  Be sure to get your apartment manager’s permission before you add the cage, its low impact is usually allowed in apartments.

If you have an indoor/outdoor cat then you may prefer to install our window door only.  Constructing the window door is a very simple process.  It requires just 2 to 4 hours to build and about $15 of materials to accomplish the process. This is a great and easy alternative to cutting a pet door hole in your house door or wall.

A little time and love invested by you will undoubtedly enrich the lifespan of your pet, which means everything to you.  Have fun and be safe.