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How can Outdoor Cat Enclosures Benefit You?

Your cat is your life, isn’t it? You know everything about it, just as a mother knows about her baby. You know what your cat wants almost intuitively. Many people out there have pet cats who know how exciting conversations are with your furry cutie.

However, nature has a slab for everything. Especially when it comes to the lifespan of animals and human beings, a typical cat might not survive more than eight years. Sad, isn’t it? But with proper care, research says that a cat of an excellent breed can even survive up to 20 years! That’s amazing!

Studies on pets suggest that the longevity of a pet can substantially increase if its outdoor encounters (with other animals and prey) are minimized. Hence, getting an outdoor/outside cat enclosure is a good idea. It might significantly enhance the age of your lovely fur baby.

You can get a readymade Outdoor cat enclosure. It might cost you around $500. But if you do it yourself, it will cost you just $100 and a couple of days. Isn’t that a sane idea? But not all can probably do it. You need to have some vital interest in carpentry and oodles of love for your cat to develop a cozy outdoor cat enclosure.

Plywood is the most opted material for creating an outdoor/outside cat enclosure. Plywood is soft is saw through, and could be nailed with minimal effort. Meshes, cat doors, and other necessary materials will help you construct a creative outdoor cat enclosure.

You must be thinking about why a cat door enclosure needs to be constructed outside. There are exact reasons for doing so. The objective of your cat enclosure is not to imprison it but keep it safe from attacks by predators.

An outdoor cat enclosure gives freedom to tour cat to explore outdoors, catch the sights and smells, and soak in the warmth of sunlight. It cannot happen indoors. Hence, a creatively constructed outdoor cat enclosure can enhance the lifespan of your cat dramatically.

The outdoor cat enclosure can be constructed using all your creativity. You can have a simple one fixed to the window outside if you live in a cozy apartment. If you live in a dwelling with lawns and patios, you can get one of the patios converted to a cat enclosure. You can have as many things as possible inside for your cat there. A hammock, an eating place, toys, and what not!

With a bit of meticulous effort to keep your cutie cat safe, you can get the best outdoor enclosure done for him/her.