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Kit Parts

Parts, plans and assembly requirments supplied in the kit.

Supplied Parts

The following parts are supplied with the kit:
  • Face Plate with Mounting Screws
  • Clear Flexible Door
  • Window Door Frame
  • Door Mounting Bracket with screws
  • Window Safety Sticker
  • 12 Steps Instruction Pages
  • Instruction Video CD-Rom

Supplied Detailed Plans

Using the supplied plans makes building the Cat Terrace Window Cage easy. A minimum woodworking skill level is required. The plans include a detailed materials list, required tools, and 12 steps of color assembly instructions with illustrations. Click here to view a typical instruction page.

Parts Purchased from Hardware Store

Parts required to purchase from a hardware store will total $75-$125. They will include a sheet of plywood, 2x4, 1x2's, screens, outdoor carpet, paints, assembling/mounting hardware, staples, and screws of varying lengths to assemble and mount cage. Additionally you will have to buy a small convex mirror from an auto parts store, for viewing all areas of the cage from indoors.

Tools Required to Build and Assemble Cage

You can build and assemble this cage project using just basic tools such as a drill, hand saws, hammer, heavy-duty stapler, screwdrivers, etc... Recommended power tools to make the job easier would include a jig saw, circular saw, table saw and/or miter saw.


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